Friday, December 1, 2017

18 months!

Dear Goose,
You have SO much personality! Lots of strong opinions and quite an independent streak. Your preferred mode of transportation is your own two feet; the stroller and carrier are met with "no!" most of the time. And you really can walk decent distances! I'll carry you across the streets, but you walk the blocks, sometimes close to a mile.

taking a quick break while walking to swipe a credit card on a lamp post

The words are flowing, sometimes daily. You say "please" and "thank you!" Which is sososososo cute. You always sign "please" when you say it, too; it's double cute. You still sleep with us and nurse through the night, and about 4:30 every morning you sit up and say please, meaning you want to switch to the other boob.  Other new words are doggie, mine, cheese, shoes, and ball. Oh, and Elmo. A fascination with Elmo is budding...

You love a song from Signing Time about families. The song is called In a House, In Home, and you request it by saying "me me me." You reeeeally like this song and request it a LOT.  You also request "row row" with frequency, and love to pull on my resistance bands while you sing row row row. Truly, though, you like all sorts of music and dance when we put almost anything on. You also like to twirl and will often and twirls to the dances.

oh, yeah, we sang "row row" a bunch this day!

You also love to climb! Holy cow, it's a bit frightening sometimes! One day to we're playing with your sister and I came back into your bedroom to find you on the top bunk! Yikes. 

so many climbing opportunities!

We have become an expert blower, blowing both your nose and bubbles with accuracy. This came in very handy as you spent a large chunk of your 17th month being pretty boogery. The god news is that all of your teeth save one (lower right canine) has erupted and we hope to be done with teething until your 2 year molars come in.

Your stats at 18 months: 32.3 inches (61%), 24lbs 14oz (75%) and totally on target with all your motor and verbal skills. You did NOT enjoy your 18 month check up, screaming the *entire* time, but you calmed down as soon as you were able to go play in the waiting room.

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