Monday, August 21, 2017

15 Months Old!

Dear Sweet Goose,
You are now 1 and a quarter! It's summertime: you have a sandal tan line, you've been swimming, you love the sprinklers, you've gotten your first rash of mosquito bites, you made it to Vermont for the annual Mommune pilgrimage, you've tried ice's been quite a summer! You also have one molar! It did not come in easily-you had nearly a whole week of very clingy fussiness, SO unlike you!

You also had your first temper tantrum this month! Wow! While it didn't last long, it was intense. I took something away from you (most likely my phone) and you were NOT having it! You started screaming, then crying, demanding to be picked up, then put down, then picked up again. You kept pushing away, then clinging close. You may have even hit me :-)  Sneak peaks into the tollder years that are coming!

You are in the midst of your first ever Bellevue/Seattle visit! You were a delight on the plane ride west: sleeping nearly two hours, happily playing with headphones and wallets, charming the folks on either side of us, discovering pretzels...fingers crossed the trip back home goes as smoothly!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

14 months old!

Dear Goose,
You are 14 months old! It's the height of summer and you have been loving all the summer activities: playground sprinkles, beach days, the pool, even putting sunblock on. You also have come around to bathtime play, though you much prefer rinse-offs to an actual bath. But you will happily play with the water and a couple cups in the tub and don't mind when I soap you up.

You are starting to sign for communication! You sign "more", "all done" "eat" "thank you" and "milk"  and are working on "water." Plus you wave enthusiastically when we ask "can you say hi?" You definitely communicate with your body! Most every question is answered with a shake of your head for "no" especially those that begin with "do you want..." You hardly ever want what we're offering. Though sometimes you shake your head when you mean yes and sometimes a lack of response means yes. We understand you perfectly almost all of the time.

You had your first pool experience this month and are a big fan. You loved splashing around and even put your face in the water! Though it surprised you to have a wet face, you weren't terribly upset by it. You just eyes the water warily and kept on splashing.

You also went to the zoo for the first time as a toddler and LOVED it. All the plants and animals fascinated you. You loved feeding the ducks and turtles, and were amazed by the peacocks wandering around. And you wanted to pull the leaves off all the shrubs. (The harvesting is a common these, you gravitate towards plants and like to rip off leaves as often as possible. A friend's herb garden left you particularly aromatic and happy).

You have very strong opinions about things, but are generally agreeable to what's going on. You still love to dump out puzzle pieces and containers of multiple products and you're often so quick that I can't clean up after you until you go to sleep. 

You are also a master climber these days, navigating the playground and all stairs with deftness. You are still not super fast, though, and still listen to me enough that when you get to the top of the slide, you wait for me to get back down on the ground to hold your hand and you slide down.

Climbed the steps all by yourself and you are NOT coming down

Friday, June 23, 2017

13 months

Dear Goose,
At 13 months, we're ready to call your first word: "hi!" You have lots of other sounds and will often repeat things that sound exactly like "all done" and "more" but "hi!" is used consistently and in the right context. You are a very friendly baby and like to say hi to many many people. You also like to say goodbye to people, so when you get of the bus or subway, you wave to the rest of the travelers. You don't even mind saying bye bye to your family or your sitter, you're pretty easy to transition from one thing to another these days.

You have all four of your top teeth coming in now, but they're coming in uniquely! The first one to fully descend is the second left of center, now the center left one is about halfway descended. And the right center broke through a day or two ago and the second right of center is about to break. All in a line. So cute! And seem to be bothering you way less!

The way your teeth are coming in reminds me of the way you were born and the way you sometimes approach things: slow and steady. Your top four teeth were on the horizon for MONTHS, but broke through on their own time and descended slowly. You started walking a few steps at a time for weeks. We hear so many stories of kids who took steps, then were running the next day. Not you. You aren't in any hurry. You love to explore things, to look at all the angles of things. You spend days going over and over the toys, putting them in a bag, walking them around, taking them out and putting them somewhere else. It's not unusual for us to put on shoes in the morning that have a toy stuffed in them.

You are also starting to finally enjoy water! Hooray! You had your first shampoo yesterday and have been okay in the bath with your sister. You also have discovered the fountains at the playground and that is awesome.

And, you're very into feeding yourself. You want the utensils, you want the bowl, you want a say in what you're eating. These days you still love sausages and broccoli and oatmeal, but are getting burned out on bananas, apples and peas. You love nut butter and eat it off a spoon from the jar: all of it is good! Berries are a hit but you do not like watermelon. Cauliflower continues to get rave reviews and you've recently started liking tempeh. I gave you cheese for the first time yesterday and you were not a fan. We'll try again with different flavors!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Dear Goose,

You are ONE! It's so exciting! We had a lovely birthday party for you at the playground and you loved every minute of it. And then you fell asleep for the night at 6:30, perfection for everyone.

birthday cupcake for breakfast

At one year old, you are 29.3 inches tall, putting you in the 56%. You weigh 19lbs, 3oz, putting you in the 41%. You walk and run, though still looking a bit like a drunken sailor. First thing in the morning when you get out of bed, you like to waddle/run to your sister's room. You love to play with bags of things, putting stuff in, taking stuff out. You also love purses and will often be wearing at least two to walk around the house.

 with a purse and a flyswatter, you're ready for anything

gotta try on these clothes while investigating the kitchen

You still don't have any discernible words, though "ahda" usually means "yes" and you say "hi!" at appropriate times. And Dadadada is Daddy, though also just something you say a lot. And "Lie lie" sometimes means your sister and sometimes is just something you say. And sometimes "MOOOOOE!" means "more" or simply "I want to eat!"  We've been trying to sign to you, but you don't really have it yet. Sometimes you'll clap for more, but I'm not sure if you're really signing or just happily clapping. And when you want milk, you simply come up to me and pound my chest. Who needs signs or words? You communicate completely effectively! Also of complete adorableness is you waving for hello and goodbye.You make friends on every bus and train we ride and wave as they or we exit. You also wave to the bus and train when it leaves. And to the phone. 

General One Year old antics:

Friday, May 12, 2017


Dear Goose,
It's official: you are a toddler. GAH! Though even though your preferred locomotor method is walking, you still scoot and crawl occasionally. And you still seem so far off from toddler temperament! But you just want to hang with the bigger kids, so you're walking. But only in the direction you want. I tried to rally you to walk to the laundry room yesterday and after a few minutes of trying to coax you out the door, I just scooped you up which was fine for us both.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

11 months!

Dearest Goose,
You are SO CLOSE to walking! You take unassisted steps every day, sometimes 3, 4 or 5. We get very excited for you, while you seem to just think it's one more way of getting around. Your funny little one-legged crawl continues to serve you well and you have gotten much faster in the past few weeks with it. Your usual method of getting places is to pull yourself up, cruise and step a bit, sit back down, crawl a few paces, come up on your tush and turn 90 degrees, then crawl more. It's quite the combination of moves.  Your path to walking seems consistent with your personality: why rush? Whereas some kids take steps on day and run the next, you are content to be where you are. My zen baby. I am trying to take lessons from you.

 The Goose's crawl

Just standing around, eating a onesie that I will never wear (sorry Daddy)

Your top teeth STILL haven't broken through, but I seem them all so close to the surface. Any day now they will come. (I've been thinking that for 6 weeks at least). Again, I'm the one getting ahead of myself. They will come when they come. After a few months of resisting the chamomile drops, you now suck them down happily.

You have also mastered drinking water. Holy moly little Goose, it's the cutest thing! Your preferred water vessel is any of your sister's water bottles, though you're also okay with any water bottle that belongs to someone else. You drink out of straws, out of spouts and try to drink out of cups, but as soon as there's any opening, you stick your hand right in. Every time I'm drinking water, we both end up wearing some of it.

 Most of this cup of water got dumped on your shirt, but it's cool

Other favorite pastimes these days are pulling bookmarks out of books, taking Q-tips out of their box (and throwing them in the bathtub if possible), taking tissues out of their box, banging out notes on the toy pianos and Simon, taking dirty dishes out of the dishwasher and throwing stacking cups and puzzle pieces. Just today you've started enjoying putting things BACK where you got them from, but the ratio of chaos to calm is still about 100:1. It's pretty stinking cute. 

 Oh, you wanted to save your place? HA!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Adventures in the snack drawer

Dear Goose,
Your favorite place to explore and play is the snack drawer. I spied on you a little bit today!