Friday, November 4, 2016

Reach and Pull

Dear Goose,
My, are you busy these days! You are SO curious about the world, you want to grab everything, taste everything and then do it all over again. Up until this week, I've pretty much eaten every meal with you on my lap. This week seems to be the end of that era, you want to pull everything within reach to you. Last night as I ate a salad, you kept pulling the plate to you over and over again. Thinking maybe you wanted to try my food, I offered you a bite of avocado. Nope, not interested at all, you just wanted to eat the plate. You grab for my water bottle, all cups and your sitter's coffee mug. You suspect we're all having fun drinking without you.

must. drink. coffee.

Mmmm, kombucha

You are sitting up on your own for longer and longer stretches of time these days. Sometimes you transition from sitting to tummy time, though I'm not clear if that's intentional or the result of trying to eat your toes while sitting and ending up there. Either way, most of the time it doesn't bother you. I wouldn't say you're totally ready to sit unassisted, but it's coming VERY soon.

You are also super vocal lately. You shriek happily when you're excited, like when we go to the grocery store. You yammer on when you wake up and when other people are talking, you can't wait to be part of the conversation.

You have also mastered the art of hair pulling. You have a knack for grabbing the little hairs at the base of my bun. You also love pulling your sister's hair, which she isn't so into. You get your daddy's chest hair, too. Strong grip, baby Goose! It will serve you well.