Thursday, August 25, 2016

Three months old!

Dear Goose,
You are 3 months old! And the biggest news to date is that you laugh! Oh, my goodness, what a laugh you have. You laughed for the first time in the car while we were driving up to Vermont (more on that later). I was crinkling a book at you and you laughed and laughed and laughed. And everyone else in the car laughed too. It was magical.  You didn't laugh again for a few more days, and then it was at Daddy making silly noises. "Ah-BOO!" Hilarious. We are such addicts for your laughs, we'll really do anything ridiculous if we think it might get a laugh.

3 months old and very into your fingers

You wake up happy in the morning, all smiles. You still have a pretty high threshold for unpleasantness and will give us plenty of warning before going into epic meltdown mode. And even when you have gone to the dark side, once what was bothering you has been remedied, you're cool again. It breaks my heart, but often you will be smiling again with tears left in your eyes.

You eat with gusto and have gained another pound this month bringing you up to 13.

This past week we indoctrinated you to The Mommune, with your first long weekend in Vermont. You are an easy happy traveler (okay,m the car is not your favorite place, but you will tolerate it for a decent length of time) and are non-plussed at new surroundings. One night we stayed up late singing and you slept right through the singing, dancing and merriment, waking up only for a moment as I transferred you from wrap to bed.

 The whole Mommune. You fit in perfectly

posing for pictures with your sister

Thursday, August 11, 2016

12 weeks old!

Dear Goose,
I'm not sure if the 4th trimester ends at 12 weeks or 3 months, but either way, we're getting close. And you are SO much a yummy baby these days, no longer the curled up fetal creature we met 12 weeks ago (though you were obviously spectacular then, too). You coo, you smile, you are fairly easily appeased when you're upset unless what you really want isn't possible (mostly getting out of a carrier when we're in transit). You are already an excellent travel companion, enjoying the bus, the subway, the railroad and the car.

Traveling with your sister: near the top of things you love to do


This week has seen the beginnings of some laughs. No laughing sounds yet, but you've laughed silently a few times. I can not WAIT to hear what your laugh sounds like.  You've been chattering a away a bit more, too, lots of fun noises. 

And, oh! The drool! SO MUCH DROOL! Sometimes I put a bib on you before we go out so I have something handy to wipe your face. I didn't know it was possible for such a small human to create so much drool, but after a snuggle session, my shoulders are sopping wet. We put your amber necklace on, just in case the drooling is the beginning of teething. I don't think it is, but the necklace is cute anyway. 

11 Weeks old

Dear Goose,
Wow have you woken up these past few days! Much longer stretches of awake time, much more activity, many more noises and so many smiles! You smile with your whole face, mouth open.

You are so strong and active! You basically have total neck control now and spend a lot of time looking from side to side. I'll tell Daddy "She's watching tennis again!" because it seems that you want to take in the whole world at once. You rolled over from front to back at 11 weeks, 2 days. OY! You want to sit up SO badly, essentially doing crunches every time you're on your Boppy pillow. Laying flat on your back seems comfortable and nice, though, Except for sleeping, which you prefer to do on people. And your people are happy to oblige. 

neck control!

You're big goal lately is to find which finger combination is going to be your go-to to soothe yourself, fingers are constantly in your mouth. Your fingers, but also anyone else's fingers who happen to be close by.  If you're awake, you usually want something in your mouth. The pacifier is still hit and miss: you like it but often can't keep it in your mouth and then you lose interest.