Thursday, August 11, 2016

11 Weeks old

Dear Goose,
Wow have you woken up these past few days! Much longer stretches of awake time, much more activity, many more noises and so many smiles! You smile with your whole face, mouth open.

You are so strong and active! You basically have total neck control now and spend a lot of time looking from side to side. I'll tell Daddy "She's watching tennis again!" because it seems that you want to take in the whole world at once. You rolled over from front to back at 11 weeks, 2 days. OY! You want to sit up SO badly, essentially doing crunches every time you're on your Boppy pillow. Laying flat on your back seems comfortable and nice, though, Except for sleeping, which you prefer to do on people. And your people are happy to oblige. 

neck control!

You're big goal lately is to find which finger combination is going to be your go-to to soothe yourself, fingers are constantly in your mouth. Your fingers, but also anyone else's fingers who happen to be close by.  If you're awake, you usually want something in your mouth. The pacifier is still hit and miss: you like it but often can't keep it in your mouth and then you lose interest.

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