Monday, March 6, 2017

Nine Months Old!

Dear Sweet Goose,
You are 9 months old now! You have your bottom front teeth cutting through the gums, the one on your left is almost all the way up and the right one is about half a centimeter behind. You are on the move these days, with a funny little crawl with one leg in front of the other. It looks like you have a kickstand. You don't go all that fast, but you always get where you're going. Most of the time you'll "crawl" a few paces, then sit up and clap for yourself. Sometimes you clap even if you haven't gone anywhere, just for sitting.

At your 9 month check up, you were 28 inches long and 16 pounds.

You play peek a boo with your coat or a blanket or someone's scarf. Pull it over your face, then slam it down with a wide grin. You laugh reliably at things now: your sister tossing keys in the air, Daddy making faces at you, or bringing things to your face and then away from your face quickly, me dancing and singing with you in my arms. You still laugh unexpectedly, too, and that is so funny. Your laugh lightens any mood and usually gets at least one other person laughing with you.

You pull yourself up to standing and try to cruise. There aren't a lot of great cruising places in our house, which frustrates you. You sill stand at the open snack drawer for a LONG time, shimming side to side and exploring the drawer.

You have one dimple on your right cheek. Holy moly, is it adorable when you smile. One perfect dimple. Come on with your cute self!!!

You still love to eat and sometimes eat more than we can keep up with. Beans, peas, broccoli, cauliflower, sausage, turkey, chicken, ground beef, apples, banana, blueberries,avocado and sweet potato are all in your regular rotation, plus baby food puffs, pouches, applesauce and pizza crust. Today I was sharing a salad with you and when I ran out of sweet potato (because you ate them all, dearest Goose) you started squawking at me! You wanted more and there wasn't any more. You were mollified by some very dark chocolate, but it was quite funny how irate you were.

You're moving around so much more during the day and also at night. All of a sudden you're rolling around in bed and even sitting up sometimes. We hope this is only while you're body is getting used to doing these new fantastic things and you'll go back to being an easy sleeper to cuddle with. Well, even if not, we're still going to keep up with all the snuggles. You're so so so delicious.