Thursday, July 28, 2016

10 weeks old!

Dearest little goose,
You are now 10 (and a half) weeks old! Last week you had your 2 month check up and came in at 21 inches long (98%) and 12lbs 2 oz (88%)-WOW! Big girl! You are so strong, holding your head up almost all the time now and moving your body on your play mat. You make wonderful eye contact and smile more. You love your big sister and follow her voice and body with your eyes and head and smile at her most of all. You also love being outside in the park-anytime you're laying in a shady spot with a breeze, you're content.

You still sleep a TON, probably close to 18 hours a day. In the carrier, in your bassinet, on my lap, on Daddy's lap, anywhere you get comfy. But when you're awake, you are chatty and alert and hungry! It's no surprise you're so big, you are very happy drinking your milk.

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