Thursday, July 14, 2016

8 weeks old!

Dear Goose,
You are 8 weeks old!

You still spend most of your time sleeping, but your awake time is gradually increasing. Sometimes you will be awake and mostly happy upwards of 2 hours at a time. You like to spend your awake time observing the world and moving your body. Right now you are next to me on our futon, propped up on a Boppy pillow, wriggling your little body all around. Your tongue is moving, y our legs are kicking a bit, your arms are opening, closing and reaching overhead. You are chattering a little bit to, lots of "mm" and "la" and "ah!"sounds. I can't help but mimic your sounds back to you and we have little conversations through out the day.  In the evenings, when you're most fussy, you will often shout out "LA!" at the beginning of your crying jags and I will be holding you, whispering in your ear "la la la." I'm trying to speak your language, sweet Goose.

We did your first tummy time yesterday and wow, how strong you are! You moved your head from one side to the other, you pushed yourself around with your legs, you lifted your hips up. You were grunting with effort, but didn't seem frustrated. You didn't cry, and you cry when you're not okay with a situation. I can't wait to watch you become more and more at home in your body. The discoveries are delightful.

You are trying to find the most comfortable and soothing arrangement of fingers in your mouth. You put your fist in, your four fingers in, just one finger in, still searching. I think it will be very soon that you'll find a combination that you like. I was a thumb sucker until age 8, it'll be interesting to me if you follow suit.

You are an easy going person so far, happy to go with the flow for the most part. You've had three baths, which you seem to like. You tolerate clothing changes, diaper changes, being swaddled, being unswaddled, the Beco carrier, the sling, the bouncy do NOT like the little swing we have, but that's really your only complaint. You will even transfer locations when sleeping occasionally, which is crazy to me. Not all the time, but once in a while. And if you stay asleep during the transfer (most often from my lap after nursing to the couch or Daddy's lap or the bassinet) you'll stay sleeping for an hour or more. You are such a snuggly, sleepy baby. So yummy

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