Friday, December 22, 2017

19 Months Old!

Dearest Goose,
You are now 19 months old and the words keep coming! Lately you're obsessed with "WahDoo" aka water, and request it all the time. Particularly when you don't want to do something, like go to sleep or leave someplace you're playing. The stalling techniques are amazing, you're a pro already. Also high on your list of favorites is KEEEEEYS! You love to play with MY keys, only the real deal sets are acceptable. I even have work keys that I let you play with and you're not into them, only the super important ones will do. You like to put keys into any hole they'll fit in, especially on the subway or bus. You like the carry them around and get upset if we try to take them for safekeeping. And if you need your hands free, you'll carry them in your mouth

You continue to be very busy, arranging things just so, the way you want them. Another favorite activity is taking extra pump parts and building a pump/bottle combination (100% accurately, even with the filter!) and then turning on the breast pump and pretending to pump. Suuuper cute and funny. You also think that most things are better OUT of the box they came in, like granola bars, envelopes and tea bags.

building the pump and bottle

taking a break after making sure the tea bags are all out of the box

You are also a competent climber these days, taking yourself up the climbing structures and various apparatus at the playground. You climb WAY higher than you are tall, sweet goose, you're SO strong

You also like to climb up to reach things in the house. A common sight is you running from place to place with a step stool, ready to get yourself closer to whatever action is going on

gotta get the spare keys!

gotta go through the remote control basket!

You feed yourself these days and hummus is high on your list of favorites. But you've also added some new things like guacamole, vegetable korma and popcorn. You still love broccoli and cauliflower but have cooled on the sausages and cheese. And you are obsessed with apples, calling every fruit that remotely resembles an apple APPLE and requesting them all the time. You don't really eat them all that much, but you love talking about them.

hummus and a spoon: perfection

You have also started brushing your teeth, which you LOVE. You yell "teeeeeth!" and grab your toothbrush and follow your sister around the house. All of your teeth have come in except your second molars, so we're hoping for a little teething reprieve. 

The big news of the past week is that you now LOVE going to child watch at the Y. Up until now, you would cry and cry even going in the room and now, BOOM, you're super into it. They have great toys and you settle in and barely say bye bye to me. It's so great to see you so much more interacting with the world and enjoying it. We really have so much fun!

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