Monday, October 9, 2017

TRL (aka, all the requests)

Dear Goose,
Just a quick note about the cuteness overload that is you right now. You have started requesting songs! If you want us to sing The Wheels on the Bus, you will start rolling your hands expectantly. The other request we get a lot is Baa Baa Black Sheep which you request by saying "baaa baaa" and nodding knowingly. So funny.

We just got you in the bike seat last week and now you want to ride all. the. time. You bring me your helmet numerous times a day and the few times when we are actually going for a ride you start hooting as soon as you see me get our helmets. When you're on the bike, you sing. You like the little guard in front of you and you drum on it and kick your feet. Though you can't say "bike" if you hear anyone say it, ou immediately start patting your head, hoping for the helmet and a ride.

You also request chocolate by running over to the cabinet where it is (which is very high), pointing at the cupboard and signing "more." If you hear anyone say "chocolate" you run over to the cupboard and ask for some.

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