Friday, September 29, 2017

16 months old!

Dearest Goose,
You are now 16 months old and are the queen of NO! You do have a few other words: "that" "Dada" "Mama" "Da" (means yes) and"bye" you basically just say NO all the time. Oh, the power of no! Sometimes you say no when you mean yes, but most of the time you really just love being contrary.  You shake your head to mean no, you shout no, you repeat no no no no no no, you draw it out nooooo, you smilingly say no, it runs the gamut. You are an expert communicator!

You are just about done with 2 naps a day and are taking one longish nap around 11am these days. You're getting some teeth and are in the thick of separation anxiety, but are still basically a happy go lucky kid.

You love playing with bags and purses, bringing them everywhere you go.

You also love helmets, gravitating towards them on the playground and always wanting to wear mine and your sister's. So we finally got you your own and you are smitten. 

helmet shopping. I'll take them all, please!

You are very opinionated about what you want to wear and refuse anything deemed unacceptable. You went a full week refusing everything except onesies and pants, and it was HOT that week! But no shorts for you! Now you're on a shorts and t shirt kick and freaked out when I tried to put pants on. You also only want to wear your sandals, which may get tricky in a few weeks when the weather turns and you grow out of them. Any time I try to put on other shoes you use your NO and also scream and wriggle. I know to pick my battles and so far this isn't one to fight, so sandals it is. All. The. Time. EXCEPT when you want to wear my shoes, your sister's shoes or your sitter's shoes. Then you are very happy

You love playing in the water, both at the playground and at home. Any time I take a shower, you run into the bathroom and start tugging at your clothes, ready to take them off and get in with me. You also are very happy to take baths with your sister at every opportunity. 

You love to eat hummus, cauliflower, beans, broccoli, hot dogs, guacamole, veggie chips, oatmeal, chocolate, chicken, ketchup, peas, cheese, nut butter, blueberries and strawberries. You do NOT like squash, sweet potatoes or bananas. You want to eat eggs, but they still make you throw up.  We're hoping that clears up, you so want to eat them!

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