Monday, August 21, 2017

15 Months Old!

Dear Sweet Goose,
You are now 1 and a quarter! It's summertime: you have a sandal tan line, you've been swimming, you love the sprinklers, you've gotten your first rash of mosquito bites, you made it to Vermont for the annual Mommune pilgrimage, you've tried ice's been quite a summer! You also have one molar! It did not come in easily-you had nearly a whole week of very clingy fussiness, SO unlike you!

You also had your first temper tantrum this month! Wow! While it didn't last long, it was intense. I took something away from you (most likely my phone) and you were NOT having it! You started screaming, then crying, demanding to be picked up, then put down, then picked up again. You kept pushing away, then clinging close. You may have even hit me :-)  Sneak peaks into the tollder years that are coming!

You are in the midst of your first ever Bellevue/Seattle visit! You were a delight on the plane ride west: sleeping nearly two hours, happily playing with headphones and wallets, charming the folks on either side of us, discovering pretzels...fingers crossed the trip back home goes as smoothly!

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