Friday, June 23, 2017

13 months

Dear Goose,
At 13 months, we're ready to call your first word: "hi!" You have lots of other sounds and will often repeat things that sound exactly like "all done" and "more" but "hi!" is used consistently and in the right context. You are a very friendly baby and like to say hi to many many people. You also like to say goodbye to people, so when you get of the bus or subway, you wave to the rest of the travelers. You don't even mind saying bye bye to your family or your sitter, you're pretty easy to transition from one thing to another these days.

You have all four of your top teeth coming in now, but they're coming in uniquely! The first one to fully descend is the second left of center, now the center left one is about halfway descended. And the right center broke through a day or two ago and the second right of center is about to break. All in a line. So cute! And seem to be bothering you way less!

The way your teeth are coming in reminds me of the way you were born and the way you sometimes approach things: slow and steady. Your top four teeth were on the horizon for MONTHS, but broke through on their own time and descended slowly. You started walking a few steps at a time for weeks. We hear so many stories of kids who took steps, then were running the next day. Not you. You aren't in any hurry. You love to explore things, to look at all the angles of things. You spend days going over and over the toys, putting them in a bag, walking them around, taking them out and putting them somewhere else. It's not unusual for us to put on shoes in the morning that have a toy stuffed in them.

You are also starting to finally enjoy water! Hooray! You had your first shampoo yesterday and have been okay in the bath with your sister. You also have discovered the fountains at the playground and that is awesome.

And, you're very into feeding yourself. You want the utensils, you want the bowl, you want a say in what you're eating. These days you still love sausages and broccoli and oatmeal, but are getting burned out on bananas, apples and peas. You love nut butter and eat it off a spoon from the jar: all of it is good! Berries are a hit but you do not like watermelon. Cauliflower continues to get rave reviews and you've recently started liking tempeh. I gave you cheese for the first time yesterday and you were not a fan. We'll try again with different flavors!

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