Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Dear Goose,

You are ONE! It's so exciting! We had a lovely birthday party for you at the playground and you loved every minute of it. And then you fell asleep for the night at 6:30, perfection for everyone.

birthday cupcake for breakfast

At one year old, you are 29.3 inches tall, putting you in the 56%. You weigh 19lbs, 3oz, putting you in the 41%. You walk and run, though still looking a bit like a drunken sailor. First thing in the morning when you get out of bed, you like to waddle/run to your sister's room. You love to play with bags of things, putting stuff in, taking stuff out. You also love purses and will often be wearing at least two to walk around the house.

 with a purse and a flyswatter, you're ready for anything

gotta try on these clothes while investigating the kitchen

You still don't have any discernible words, though "ahda" usually means "yes" and you say "hi!" at appropriate times. And Dadadada is Daddy, though also just something you say a lot. And "Lie lie" sometimes means your sister and sometimes is just something you say. And sometimes "MOOOOOE!" means "more" or simply "I want to eat!"  We've been trying to sign to you, but you don't really have it yet. Sometimes you'll clap for more, but I'm not sure if you're really signing or just happily clapping. And when you want milk, you simply come up to me and pound my chest. Who needs signs or words? You communicate completely effectively! Also of complete adorableness is you waving for hello and goodbye.You make friends on every bus and train we ride and wave as they or we exit. You also wave to the bus and train when it leaves. And to the phone. 

General One Year old antics:

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