Saturday, January 7, 2017

Life at 7.5 months

Dear Goose,
I really think you're going to walk before you crawl. Lately any time spent on your tummy leads to kvetching or howling almost immediately. But given something for each of your hands to hold on to, you stand up. Today you let go with one hand, testing your balance. You still have a long way to go, but you want it. You can rotate 360 while sitting and while on you belly, but you can't GO anywhere. Though I am amazed at the length of your reach; things that seem way too far away from you find their way into your fists. And then into your mouth.

You continue to be an adventurous eater, loving basically everything except eggs and hummus. You love the cinnamon applesauce that's too spicy for your sister. Today you had very dark chocolate for the first time and greeted it like an old friend (you have been tasting it in my breast milk daily since birth).

Your favorite toys these days are your stacking cups and your silicone toothbrush. You also love water bottles, flashlights and digging through boxes. But favorite of all is your sister. If she's in the room, you're watching her.

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