Saturday, December 17, 2016


Dearest little goose!
You are six months old! (Well, now 6 and a half!). You sit up unassisted, though still do topple when you're very tired. You've been eating food for a few weeks and LOVE to sit at the table with your family.  You like to stand up and pull yourself to a standing position with our hands at every opportunity. And the swings! How you love the playground these days!

Your approach to eating is pretty hilarious. As soon as you sit down, you take whatever is in front of you and put it in your mouth. Then you go about your business. I've pulled out an entire floret of broccoli 20 minutes after meal time. Just today I was trying to change your diaper but couldn't because you had sweet potato in your mouth that you refused to swallow or spit out. You expect to be given a bite of whatever I'm eating, which is almost always obliged. You're into veggies and chicken, NOT into raspberries or applesauce and like frozen banana for your teeth (which still have not emerged at all). But your favorite by far is bacon. Without a tooth in your mouth, you ate half a piece of bacon. 

In addition to the occasional babbling, you are very very fond of raspberries. I think you like the way it feels in your mouth and on your lips to purse them and spit through your tongue. You do when you wake up, when you want to be part of the conversation, when you are playing. You do it to your family and sitter and also to random people on the subway. You and your sister have raspberry battles, spraying the table with spit. You both think this is hilarious.

At your six month check up, you weighed in the 23%, but were 74% for height.

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