Friday, October 14, 2016

Oral fixation

Dear Sweet Goose,
I swear you are teething. Every day I run my finger along your bumpy gums, feeling for emerging teeth. None, not even a hint, but I know they are on their way! You want everything in your mouth lately. Not just in an exploratory way, no. You want to chomp! My face is a favorite target, nose and chin seem to be about the right size and texture. Your carrier is also a great source of slobber. We have crinkly books, teething toys of all shapes, textures and sizes, chewy toys, hard toys, soft toys, etc. You really prefer my face and the carrier. OK, then, you know what you want! I try to move the face sucking to nursing when it gets aggressive, which usually satisfies you, too.

You are in an intense MAMA ONLY phase right now. I've cut out of work early twice in the past week to hand with you. Again, I think it's those teeth coming in, you just want milk and snuggles on tap. Happy to oblige, sweet baby girl. Time is flying by, I'm trying to grab fragments of downtime when I can.

You chatter more and more and laugh more freely. Your belly is a little ticklish, I often get some laughs during diaper changes just doing a light tickle. You are getting a little bit closer to rolling from your back to your belly, but get stuck about 1/3 of the way. Your front to back roll is consistent, though frustrating to you, it still seems to surprise you when you end up on your back.

You love to listen to stories with your sister and she remains the one person to consistently get you to smile and laugh. You reach for her, which is a new trick and remains only for her.

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