Saturday, October 1, 2016

4 Month Stats

Dear Goose,
At your four month check up, you weighed 14lbs, 2oz, up exactly a pound from the 3 month. You were 25.4 inches long, placing you in the 81% for height and 43% for weight. The doctor was very pleased with your growth, your strength and your focus. You even gave her some smiles before she gave you your shots. You cried for a moment, then were back to your regular sweet self. (Though later that night you got a little fever and the next day all you wanted to do was sleep)

The newest development is that you're riding in a stroller and in the carrier facing OUT. You LOVE it! You are so happy seeing the world. But it's overwhelming, too; after about 30 minutes of facing out, you're ready for a big sleep.

I swear there's a tooth getting ready to pop up, sometimes I think I can feel it protruding from your bottom gum. You continue to have an intense oral fixation and want everything in your mouth. It's not unheard of to catch you gnawing on all ten fingers. You're also a big fan of pulling on your toes. You go into the classic Happy Baby pose whenever you're on your back, which can make changing your diaper a little challenging at times. The weather changed rather suddenly from summer to fall and taking off your pants gets in the way of leg stretching time.

Loving Sophie and milk. Happy Goose in the park while Mama is at work!

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