Sunday, September 11, 2016

16 weeks old!

Dear Goose,
You are now 16 weeks old and the newest development this week is raspberries! Instead of only drooling constantly, you now joyfully spit bubbles at us, too.

You are still all about things in your mouth, though we've basically given up hope on the pacifier. Fingers (yours or anyone else's) and toys are your preferred oral fix. And mostly to gnaw on, not suck, except when you're falling asleep. You primarily sleep on us, we haven't even tried transferring you to your bassinet for naps. The first thing you do when waking up is blow raspberries. So so so freaking cute.

The other new development is laughing more than a little. You kind of laugh your ass off if something strikes you as funny. Mainly your sister. You have an adorable throaty laugh and when you get going it almost sounds like hiccups on speed. You laugh with your whole body, bouncing with joy. And it's infectious, your laughter sets off anyone nearby into fits of giggles. You are so much fun!

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